Expired Svema 65
Shot some old Soviet Svema 65 film and now I know.

So in autumn of 2021. I found 2 rolls of old Soviet Svema black and white film laying around in my parents home. No one had a clue where that film was hidden and how it had re-surfaced but I decided to try and shoot it.

My first excitement was a bit calmed when I saw the expiry dates

With that in mind I decided to read some previous experiences of others, even asked about this stuff on Reddit. Finally decided to just go with it, got me some empty film cartridges and slowly shot them away because it's not like they are going to expire to much worse state.

See some results below and please bear in mind that these were developed in a lab in modern, commercially available chemicals and scanned at home on an Epson V370 Photo flatbet (totally not the best setup).
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